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How to write a CV

Tips and a downloadable template

Why do I need a CV?

The reason agencies ask you to email or hand in a copy of your CV is because they have to be able to send your CV to the potential employer. Your abilities and experience will be assessed from the information given on the CV. The better your CV is the better chance you have of getting the job.

Quick tips

  • List your employers starting with the most recent one first and finishing with the oldest one at the bottom
  • List at least 3 Employers
  • Make sure you have your telephone number and e-mail address at the top of your CV
  • Save your CV in WORD or WORDPAD format (.doc; .docx; .rtf), DO NOT save it in pdf or as an image in any type of document.
  • Use Arial or any similar easy to read font when writing your CV.
  • DO NOT use fancy borders, tables, coloured fonts or word boxes on your CV, use tabs to align text to the right side.
  • If you were employed by an agency make sure to list both the agency name and the company name as the employer.
  • DO NOT use standardised CV formats such as Europass, type your CV in plain text in WORD or WORDPAD or any other recognised software package

Basic information on a CV

The CV template you can download below has the bare minimum information every CV should have. Please note you should also use the same formatting – bold the job title etc.

Download CV template

Optional information you can include on your CV

  • Achievements listed under the corresponding job
  • Personal interests and hobbies
  • Reasons for leaving under the corresponding job
  • Reference information with the contact name, position in the company, telephone number and e-mail address added at the bottom of a CV
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality, eligibility to work in UK

Information you DO NOT NEED to include on your CV

  • Your photo
  • Religious beliefs
  • More than two lines of text when describing your hobbies and interests
  • National Insurance number
  • Bank details
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